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Can administrators be restricted to different "Accepted Domain"?

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  • Can administrators be restricted to different "Accepted Domain"?

    I am currently using Merak Mail Server and planning to move to Exchange 2007. I have two questions (at least for now!).

    1. Can Exchange 2007 handle separate email domain administrators restricted to a given Accepted domain only basis? In other words, I can have multiple email domains on a Merak or Kerio mail server and assign different administrators to handle only the email domains assigned to them. Can Exchange Server 2007 handle a similar situation?

    2. In other third party mail servers, the mail users need not have a Windows user account. So, they cannot poke around the OS. Can Exchange 2007 mail users be totally confined to mail related activity only? In other words, since mail users are Active Directory users, can they gain access to other parts of the Operating System? like, browsing the file folders with their userid and passwords etc.!


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    Re: Can administrators be restricted to different "Accepted Domain"?

    2) AD has its own rules and policies that are highly configurable. You may want to list more about your network. Do you have a Windows domain already in place?
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      Re: Can administrators be restricted to different "Accepted Domain"?

      Mailbox = AD Account.
      That will allow a user to be able to login to any machine that is also a member of the AD, unless you have restricted them not to.
      If they are using OWA only then they will be restricted to what OWA provides them.

      As for multiple admin roles... not really - not an Exchange level.
      You can put users in to different OUs and manage users that way, but that has nothing to do with the accepted domains and wouldn't be controlled on that basis. Accepted domains is just a configuration setting - it isn't used for the management of the product at all.

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        Re: Can administrators be restricted to different "Accepted Domain"?

        Thanks for the input guys. I currently don't have a 64bit environment. Before I went ahead and spent time and money on hardware and software for a 64bit system to run Exchange 2007, I wanted to know if all that work is justified for my specific requirements. I guess I will have to rely on of those Third party mail servers like Merak, Kerio etc.

        I do appreciate your input. Thanks again.