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cant send/receive mail.

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  • cant send/receive mail.

    dear all,

    I have setup 3 server with win2008 and exchange.

    mx =

    I can open my owa from out side. It's mean OWA publishing is ok. But i cant send/receive mail.
    1. configuring Send/Receive connector, Should i use for FQDN or
    2. Or what port should i open on TMG to be received mail from Out side? (I have Published mail server such as SMTP, SMTPS...)


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    Re: cant send/receive mail.

    Assumptions: - no Edge Transport server, firewall port 25 is open and routed to the mail server

    Have you enabled anonymous authentication on the default receive connector and created a Internet send connector?
    If not, do that

    EDIT: I have just seen the other 3 threads you have going on the same topic. I would suggest posting updates in there rather than starting a new thread
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