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Exchange 07 in multi-tree forest

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  • Exchange 07 in multi-tree forest

    I am considering a multi-tree forest for a company that has and will continue to acquire other companies but leave the domain name intact.

    I know that I can achieve the same thing w/ recipient policies but I think I need more segregation than that.

    My question is in a multi-tree forest, should I put Exchange on the root forest domain or put it in the parent company's domain?

    Also, Can someone either tell me or point me in the right direction how Exchange installed in one domain is accessed by the other domains?
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    Re: Exchange 07 in multi-tree forest

    As long as all domains are in the same forest, then you simply have to prep each child domain for Exchange 2007. It then just works. You point the client at Exchange and mail enable users in the other domains.

    As for location of the Exchange server, I don't think there are any hard and fast rules. I have placed them in all sorts of places. The forest root domain is a usual favourite, as it is the top of the tree so to speak. I will often place all resources to be used by everyone in that location.

    Recipient policies is an Exchange 2003 thing. You may well be looking at Address List segregation.

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      Re: Exchange 07 in multi-tree forest


      Domain trust and MIIS server will help you to share the domain and exchange resources.



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        Re: Exchange 07 in multi-tree forest

        Thank you very much.
        Thank you,