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Edge Transport relays

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  • Edge Transport relays

    Hello all,
    I'm presently using a Fortimail to do my antispam, that inturn relays to my edge transport server and that sends to my internal exchange server for delivery.
    I'm going to be removing the fortimail and use only my edge server with forfront and lightspeed for antispam. At that time I'll need to setup a new connector to allow anonumous access to send into my domain. Simple I can do this, the problem I'm having is that we have a number of servers that need to relay to outside domains through the edge sever. I thought I could just add the IP of these server to my receive list and allow them to send to outside domains. No go though. If I add * domains to the accepted domain list then I become an open relay because of the anonumous receive connector.
    How can I allow relay to outside domains for specific IP's but only my domain for everyone else?
    Any idea?
    Thanks for any help you can give me.

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    Re: Edge Transport relays

    Have you seen this blog post from the MS Exchange team:

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