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How to migrate from Exchange 2003 to e2k7

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  • How to migrate from Exchange 2003 to e2k7


    We have windows 2003/dc and exchangr 2003, now company is spliting in two parts and some users will move to new company and managment decided to create new infrastructure for new company.

    we are planning to create new forest/domain and install the the exchange 2007 for new company, how I can migrate the user,computer,mailbox to newly created forest/domain...

    wht will be the best design for ad and exchange 2007

    user volume

    remote location A 200
    remote location B, C, D 70 or may be les then 70

    Thanks inadvance for guiding me in right direction.


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    Re: How to migrate from Exchange 2003 to e2k7

    You could use ADMT to move the users and then cross forest mailbox move with 2007.

    For 70 users you could even batch create them new and exmerge/importpst them mailboxes if you want a completely clean setup.

    What are the business requirements on downtime, email retention etc?

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      Re: How to migrate from Exchange 2003 to e2k7

      Thanks for reply...

      No Down time as there are others mailbox configure and which wil not move to new e2k7, retention policy is 30 days(but this will matter?)

      We are planning for e2k7 with SCR and standalone for DR (Standalone will locate one of my remote office)
      the config will be..

      2 HUB & CAS server where remote and LAN users will acces their mailboxes & SCR/Mailboxes will be on Active/Passive node(Mailbox role) with storage..

      we have existing portal server which will not split, will trust will be enogh for accessing the same or we need to create seprate users for it.