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Exchange 2007 Design Help.

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  • Exchange 2007 Design Help.


    We are splitting company, in our existing enviroment we have win2k3/dc and exchange 2003 . (Domain Name = XYZ & Exchange org= man)


    New Domain = ABC (Windows 2003) is windows 2008 will be best ??? as down the line people will upgrade their domain & OS if require.....

    Exchange org = OIL (Exchange 2007)

    WE have around 60 location where exchange 2003 & win2k3 as dc+gc is configured since we are splitting the company so may be around 25 location will move into new company and their USERID, FILES, & MAILBOX will move to new server & on new domain...

    Domain : we are planning to build up new forest parellely and using ADMT migrate the users and for data file migrattion tool..

    Exchange : Planning to build Exchange with SCC for high redundancy(require suggestion) and all users across globe will access their emails from centrall server (locations are having around 50 users, for morethen 50 users we will deploy the exchage 2007 server for that location=require suggestion)

    viewing of websites, GAL, freebusy etc from both the company is require, is MIIS is must or implement sigle sign on ??/


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    Re: Exchange 2007 Design Help.

    Here is the proposed AD & Exchange network.

    We are planningto deeploy the windows 2003 AD (What if we deploy windows 2008, will supporting windows 2008 AD will be challenge??) for new forest and exchange 2007 with SCR with HUB & CAS with NLB. and ofcourse SCR/DR at remote location. edge server is replaced by some third party software(hardware appliance)

    for user/machine/profile migration will useADMT tool v.3 and power shell for mailbox movemen.

    any suggestion for new infra design...



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      Re: Exchange 2007 Design Help.

      How to do server sizing for exchange 2007 ..

      SCR with Standalone for DR, we have around 500 users at Head Offcice and 100 users ar remote location..

      is this recommend that more then 50/60 user we have to install the exchange servers & same pplied to DC's



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        Re: Exchange 2007 Design Help.


        what would be the idle design for small network of about 400 users at head office and around 100 users at remote office..

        Looking for exchange 2007 serve as messiging solution and ofcourse window 2003 as AD.....