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  • Indexing more than one inbox

    Hi everyone!

    I'm not sure if this is the right place to put this post but I'm trying anyway.

    I have a customer that are using more than one inbox. They are using Outlook 2007 and Exchange 2007. They are logging on with their personal credentials using Autodiscover the first time. So far so good.

    In addition to this they are also using two extra inboxes in Outlook 2007. Let us say they are called Inbox - Sales and Inbox - Human Resourses.

    Their personal inbox is indexed and they are downloading OAB. Because they are recieving a lot of mail each day in the Sales and Human Resourses inboxes, they want to search and find mails in these inboxes. What happens is that only their personal inboxes are indexed and are searchable. Once they try to search in Sales and Human Resourses everything stops and it takes forever to search. Sometimes Outlook 2007 stops to respond.

    Is this behaviour default for Exchange or Outlook? Is there a way to index the two extra inboxes?

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    Re: Indexing more than one inbox

    We have resolved same issue with Exchange in online mode and not in cached mode...

    But here it is another issue... When being connected to exchange more that 1 hour, when you search it searches very fast, but when searched items are displayed, you cannot open it

    You have to close Outlook and reopen it then it works again for hour or 2


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      Re: Indexing more than one inbox

      Maybe this is an issue with cached mode. It is a very strange behaviour. Because what the customer is saying is that the whole computer stops to work when they are trying to search the two extra mailboxes.

      Maybe I have to take a call to Microsoft to hear if they have any solution to this problem.


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        Re: Indexing more than one inbox

        If you find out anything I would appreciate it if you would share it with us!


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          Re: Indexing more than one inbox

          Here is the answer I got from Microsoft:

          "The problem is that the searching engine on outlook doesnít have any relation with the server. I mean, is the outlook the one that has to search on his own databases for the mails. Outlook doesnít look on the server, search locally. And you donít have a problem with the first mailbox, only with the second one.
          At this point I would like to do a test:
          Install a new machine with XP, update XP as maximum as possible, install outlook in this machine (the lower version that you have) and do the search test. Donít install any other kind of software, just operation system and outlook. This search test should be done with both .ost files in the machine.
          Then afterwards, create a .pst file for both usersí databases. And do again the searches test"

          It seems like Outlook 2007 only search the account that you are logged on with and the indexing/search is done locally on your pc on the *.ost/*.pst. I thought this was done on the serverside. This is something Microsoft should do something about.


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            Re: Indexing more than one inbox

            I don't see that this behaviour will change at any point in the future - just that you cannot have additional mailboxes available offline. The Microsoft position is that all users have a primary mailbox only. Additional mailboxes are not their mailbox so should not be indexed or available offline because the primary user doesn't control them.
            What would happen if the primary user was taken off the access list for the additional mailboxes? The data would still be available in the index from the search.

            There is some server side search functionality in Exchange, but this has been largely replaced with local indexing as that is faster.

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