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NLB questions on CAS/HUB

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  • NLB questions on CAS/HUB

    Hi, I may have a stupid question, since I have never set up a NLB cluster before.

    My plan is to have 2 servers running both the CAS/HUB role in a NLB cluster in unicast mode. My question is about the IP adressing schema on the servers it self.

    I have 2 nics in each server, nic1 is connected to the server LAN with standard settings (GW, DNS and so on). Nic2 is currently disabled and Exchange is not installed yet.

    In order to set up NLB, what should I put as IP adresses on the second NIC on the servers? Should this be a seperate subnet? I have more VLAN's to use, so I can use about everything. Or should it be an IP adress on the same subnett as nic1, but without default gateway?

    And If I'm right, the NLB should be enabled on nic1 which goes to the server LAN, and add the virtual IP address here, correct? And remember to add the vitual cluster IP adress to the list of IP adresses on nic1?

    I've read almost all of the articles on Technet, but I simply doesn't understand how the IP adresseing shoud be set up.

    Thanks for your help

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    Re: NLB questions on CAS/HUB

    IIRC you just need to set the NLB with "ip's" that the other nlb can read, i suppose a separate vlan would be ok too, example set node 1 at, and node 2 at