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  • Exchange 2007 Advise needed

    Hi everyone,

    I ve been asked to plan and implement exchange system to my organisation. The company has appx 200 users that already use pop3 mail. My experiance is with sbs exchange and 20 users. I would be grateful for any advice on hardware needed. I have more faith in admins already using e2k7 than microsoft paper requirements.
    I have one location, one forest, one domain (w2k3R2), 2 DC, 2 file server, dbserver and 2 mb/s sinchro link. Average mailbox is quite large, because of primary bussines (lot of drawings attached) around 3 GB.
    Now, should I use one server, or more, do I need strong CPU or more RAM? What kind of RAID do you recommend?

    Thanx for any advice.



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    Re: Exchange 2007 Advise needed

    I wrote this a few years ago for Exchange 2003. It still applies to Exchange 2007:

    The only exception is that you can use more RAM.

    3gb mailboxes is peanuts. Large is 10gb.
    Microsoft's paper requirements are not too bad, as long as you know to treat the application as it is - a large database.

    Exchange is hard on storage. Therefore spend the money there for the best gain. 200 users, a low end Xeon processor will be fine, as Exchange is not processor heavy.

    However the difference between SBS and Exchange 2007 is vast. My best advise to you would be to get a consultant in now. As an Exchange consultant myself, I am usually called in too late to rescue the project, because someone hasn't realised they are in above their head. Once I am involved things go a lot smoother. Where I have worked with IT consultancies they have learnt the earlier you bring in an expert the better and I am now in at the design stage. Do not wait until you have made errors.

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      Re: Exchange 2007 Advise needed

      Many tnx Simon,