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Migrating AD 2000 & exchange to AD 2003 & exchange 2007

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  • Migrating AD 2000 & exchange to AD 2003 & exchange 2007

    Hi Guys,

    I presently have a Windows 2000 AD and Exchange working fine. I have one server as DC and another as Exchange.I intend to upgrade my AD to 2003 and Exchange to 2007.
    I intend to do it on an new hardware DL 380 G 5 that support the 64 bit OS. I also intend to implement single copy cluster configuration. I will like to maintain my old mail server name because of my client configuration. I have more than 700 users in my 2000 AD. How do i begin the the migration process. I still want to maintain my present domain name. How do i move my mailbox to my my new cluster aware exchange 2007 server. My main doubt is how do i maintain my old mail server name and configured the same name as a cluster aware in the same network.



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    Re: Migrating AD 2000 & exchange to AD 2003 & exchange 2007

    You can't keep the same name if you are bringing it up in the same network without creating a new 2003 server and moving mailboxes to it, un-installing and removing the old server and then adding in the 2007 as new servers with the virtual server as the old name. Having said that there isn't really any good reason to keep the server the same name. Outlook etc all redirect automatically to the correct server without issue.
    First step is to get all of your 2000 AD servers to 2003 and stable. Then you can start on the 2007.
    What is you Exchange plan?

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