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Trying to change EHLO responce

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  • Trying to change EHLO responce

    I want to change the EHLO reply from the SMTP connection to other servers. It currently replies with the internal DNS name of the server. What I want it to reply with is When I try to change it I get this error when clicking Apply...

    Microsoft Exchange Error
    The following error(s) occurred while saving changes:

    When the AuthMechanism parameter on a Receive connector is set to the value ExchangeServer, you must set the FQDN parameter on the Receive connector to one of the following values: the FQDN of the transport server "not-sv001.domain.ds", the NetBIOS name of the transport server "NOT-SV001", or $null.
    I'm guessing it is trying to say that the server doesn't have that DNS name configured on itself. Any ideas how to get around this?
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    Re: Trying to change EHLO responce

    As a guess you have your connector set to only talk to exchange therefore it needs a certificate for the name you want to use? Does this server have a cert for
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      Re: Trying to change EHLO responce

      You cannot change the ehlo on the default Receive Connector. Has nothing to do with DNS settings - Microsoft only allow one of three settings - the server's real FQDN, the NETBIOS name or blank - although I don't seem able to get it to set to blank through the GUI.

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