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Problem with Mail-enabling of Public folders in Exchange 2007

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  • Problem with Mail-enabling of Public folders in Exchange 2007

    Good day.

    I have following problem:
    I'm creating new public folder, then making it mail-enabled (in EMC or EMS, no difference), but no e-mail alias were created. When I try to make it manually in properties of public folder in Public Folder Management Console, I get an error "Active Directory proxy object for the public folder 'name-here' is being generated"

    In Application log I got an Event with ID 9543:
    Unable to create Public Folder proxy object for folder "name-here" in the Active Directory.

    There are no errors from from the MSExchangeSA, as suggested in help.
    Also, there are suggestion in help on this event to check permissions in Active Directory, but Permission Check with Exchange Best Practices Analyzer shows no errors.

    Someone told me that tis problem may be occured when MS Exchange System Attendant service is not running under Local System account, but it is already running under Local System account, so that's not the case.

    I found some solutions for the similar problem in older versions of Exchange (2000 and 2003), and even tried them, but they were ineffective.

    So, can anyone help me with this issue, or at least give me some hint on the direction for solving this issue?

    Thank you.