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Import-Mailbox & Subfolders

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  • Import-Mailbox & Subfolders

    I am trying to import PSTs from Outlook 2003 SP3 into a new Exchange 2007 environment. I am having issues with the Import-Mailbox function. After running the commandlet with no errors I check OWA for verification and there are no subfolders that were in my original PST. As far as my testing has taken me I have not seen any other issue with this tool other than this. I have read the forums on this site and have read about ExMerge and along with exmerge some issues with Outlook 03 psts. Will Exmerge work for me? I am also toying with the idea that I could just have my outlook users connect and manually transfer their email, calender, etc. but the thought of having to hold every one of my outlook users' hands on a manual transition is unbearable. Any one with help with the import-mailbox command or verification that exmerge will in fact work with outlook 03 psts or just words of support for my upcoming babysitting that I am about to embark on? Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Import-Mailbox & Subfolders

    After much searching: The custom folder issue is discussed here
    So it appears that custom folders are not supported with exchange 2k7 SP1.
    Also Exmerge does not support UNICODE pst files and Outlook 2003 only exports unicode psts. I can try to find a utility to convert my unicode psts to ANSI but I know I have several psts that are larger than the 2gb limit ANSI has.
    I have yet to see any documentation on how to get exmerge to run on exchange 2k7. All documentation revolves around installing exchange 2003 System Management Tools on another server/workstation and running exmerge from there. I don't have exchange 2003. My environment is new to exchange, upgrading from a pop server.
    I understand there are plenty of good uses for the import/export-mailbox command other than the use I am trying but it seems that the functionality to import from outlook pst clients into a new exchange setup was completely left out. Every one of my users has custom folders or subfolders in their pst. Now my only hope is a hotfix.


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      Re: Import-Mailbox & Subfolders

      Convert your Unicode PST files to Ansi PST file with the tool available at

      It allows you to convert Outlook 2003 PST file to Outlook 2000 PST as well as Outlook 2000 PST file to Outlook 2003 PST file.