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Unable to Send mail Externally

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  • Unable to Send mail Externally

    I'm having difficulty sending e-mail externally from some new Exchange 2007 servers.

    My old setup (as of 2 days ago).
    SiteA: ExchangeA (Exchange 2003). Main connection to the world, MX record goes here. Not a DC, 2 other servers in this site does that
    SiteB: Site-to-Site VPN to SiteA. ExchangeB (Exchange 2003). DC/GC
    SiteC: Site-to-Site VPN to SiteA. ExchangeC (Exchange 2003). DC/GC

    I installed Windows 2003 x64 on 3 new boxes and installed Exchange 2007. The ExchangeA2 is still not a DC. ExchangeB2 and ExchangeC2 are DC/GC like before.

    I had everything working when they were at the main SiteA. E-mail back and forth, in and outbound. I took the 2 remote servers to SiteB and SiteC and added them to SiteB and C in Active Directory sites/services. Migrated mailboxes. All appeared fine. OWA also proxied from ExchangeA2 to B2 and C2. I moved test mailboxes to A2/B2/C2 for the testing, which worked when they were in the same Site.

    ExchangeA and Exchange A2 are in SiteA together. ExchangeA is still the IP that has MX records going to it as I haven't migrated this site yet (100 users here, 10 at the remote sites).

    I can send e-mail internally fine. I can also send mail from the outside inward to all servers. The thing I can't do is send e-mail from the inside out from any 2007 server (Even ExchangeA2 which I could and it's still in the same Site). The only 2003 box can send still.

    I created/modified a bunch of recieve connectors trying to get it to work (including one to get back and forth from the Exchange 2003 organization). I found later that 2007 uses AD sites/services to plan a routing path.

    Any advise on how to troubleshoot/fix this?

    I get no NDRs or errors that I can find in any logs.