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Mail Enable Public folders Exchange 2007 on WS2k8

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  • Mail Enable Public folders Exchange 2007 on WS2k8

    I can create the folders, I can Enable Mail, - I can set an address - I can Huff and Puff , but no mail ever gets to the public folder. I can copy items into and out off the folders in Outlook - more huffing and puffing - but no incomming

    I added the addresses to my address and set up a rule, hey its gotta get there somehow.

    Any Clues

    Single Server AD W2k8, running exchange 2007 mailbox, hub and client.
    An old Ex2003 on W2k3 with no mailboxes (moved) and no public folders (all deleted) and "turned off for now" is lurking in the system somewhere. Which leads me to ask, how do I decommission it totally.


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    Re: Mail Enable Public folders Exchange 2007 on WS2k8

    Check the permissions on the folder through Outlook to ensure that anonymous has contributor permissions.
    Also remember that internal email is NOT anonymous. Therefore if you want internal users to email a public folder they need at least contributor as well.

    For decommissioning the Exchange 2003 server it needs to be turned on. You then need to go through the removing legacy Exchange servers article on Technet:

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      Re: Mail Enable Public folders Exchange 2007 on WS2k8

      Thanks for this.
      I did find some "solutions", however deleting the folders on the Ex2k3 box seemd to be the trick.

      Several steps in the document from MS on decommssioning do not work, e.g. migrating Public Folders. and the last step setting permissions is completely wrong with the syntax "dc=<domain>" which I presume to be "" - well it is just either a typo or something. If there is one are there more.

      Now to solve the Offline address book - no it is not autodiscover