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Mailbox problem during 2003 to 2007 migration

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  • Mailbox problem during 2003 to 2007 migration

    When I migrated mailboxes from exchange 2003 to exchange 2007 in my environment most of the mailboxes were migrated successfully except for some users , for those user I found duplicate mailboxes one in exchange 2003 and the other one in exchange 2007.

    The one in 2007 is working fine but with some data loss
    The one in 2003 shows a red cross and I can see that there is some data still in there, I only have purge and reconnect option s, I tried to create new account and reconnect the mailboxes to that account but it fails
    When I try to move the mailbox back from 2007 to 2003 it gives the following error

    Summary: 1 item(s). 0 succeeded, 1 failed.
    Elapsed time: 00:00:11


    Error was found for mailboxname ([email protected]) because: Error occurred in the step: Preparing mailbox to be moved. Failed to copy basic mailbox information with error: A duplicate mailbox was found due to problems during a Move Mailbox procedure. The duplicate mailbox has been deleted. Try again later., error code: -1056749241

    Exchange Management Shell command attempted:
    ‘xx.xx.xx/xx db/mailbox’ | move-mailbox -TargetDatabase 'EXCHANGE2003\storage\db’

    Elapsed Time: 00:00:11

    Any idea how to solve this or at least to export those mailboxes to pst , I tried xmerge but it does not see those mailboxes