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    I have Exchange 2007 and i configure 4 conectors wiht name
    Conector 1
    Conector 2
    Conector 3
    Conector 4
    And I have 4 users
    User 1
    User 2
    User 3
    User 4
    And I wont configure permisions for conectors.
    User 1 Send email with conector1
    User 2 send email with conector 2....
    One user -> One conector

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    Re: Send Conector Permisions

    Are you using an Edge server or just one server?

    Why would you want a send connector for each user? What about receive connectors? Do you want one or one for each user? Again, why would you want that?

    Are all the users using the same accepted domain name?


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      Re: Send Conector Permisions

      Not going to happen.
      Exchange doesn't route email based on the sender, it routes based on the recipient.
      if you explained what you were trying to do perhaps we may be able to provide an alternative solution.

      If this is to host four different domains and you want four different IP addresses with 4 different DNS settings, then don't bother. It makes no difference to the way that email is delivered.

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