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Exchange 2000 died, 2007 waiting on deployment

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  • Exchange 2000 died, 2007 waiting on deployment

    not sure if this goes here or under exchange 2000...
    here is the situation:
    Exchange 2000 on a W2K server... IDE raid controler, 512M ram, AD and DHCP also on same box... raid controler died and its no longer manufactured or supported. I do have a backup on tape.

    I also own exchange 2007 and have been moving all my AD roles over to a couple of 2003 servers. the exchange2000 box was the last that needed to be demoted but it died before I could demote it smoothly.

    so.. the questions are:
    Should I take this oportunity to move fwd with the exchange07 install, since all the AD controlers that are active at this time are 2003? and if I do, once its up, can I restore the contents of the old Exchange2000 mailboxes?

    I realize that to get the Exchange07 loaded I'm going to have to raise the AD functional level from 2000 mixed to 2003 native and I'm ok with ithat since that is one of the goals anyway. any real big GOTCHA's that I need to be wary of?
    Seems like it should be fairly straight forward, but then we are talking about Microsoft here and I'm and old-school UNIX guy...not an AD wizard.

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    Re: Exchange 2000 died, 2007 waiting on deployment

    You need to restore the Exchange 2000 server. You cannot restore the Exchange 2000 data in to Exchange 2007, it is formatted differently.

    Build a new server with the same name as the original server, then add it to the domain.
    Use the /disasterrecovery switch on Exchange setup which will install Exchange by extracting information from the domain. The disaster recovery process for Exchange 2000 is well documented by Microsoft and others, so I will not go over the full process here. It is important that you service pack the server before you install Exchange 2000 and then service pack Exchange 2000 as soon as you can, remembering other updates such as the rollup.

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