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Notes to Exchange migration and addressing issues

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  • Notes to Exchange migration and addressing issues

    We are in the process of migrating from Lotus Notes 6.5 to Exchange 2007. We have noticed that after a user has been migrated and someone tries to send that migrated account an email, his old Lotus Notes address comes up as a cached entry somewhere with a long number behind it. It seems as though it retains a cached or phantom entry of the Lotus account even after it has been migrated to Exchange. I know it is the Lotus Account since it is in FirstName LastName format. The migrated Exchange accounts are Lastname, FirstName. Also, the users get a NDR when the don't pay attention and just try to send with the autofilled cached entry. Here is an example of the entry as it is appears in the Outlook Client as it finds the Lotus users. If the user chooses the migrated name from the GAL it is fine.

    How can I clean this up so after each person is migrated, it only sees the Exchange account? Once a mailbox has been migrated, it is being manually deleted from the Mail Contact container. Should it be removed a different way so that it cleans up properly?

    Jane Doe <7a8e4fab-24af8934-8525b68-6726147>