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  • Setup External OWA problem

    So here is the background: This is a hoss of a Lab Box. I have Server 2k3 installed with VMware Workstation. I have the following VM Servers installed. 1) VM AD box (Serv2k3), 2) VM IIS/Citrix box (Serv2k3), and 3) VM Exchange 2007(Exchange 2k3 64Bit edition). Server 2 (the IIS box) is hosting my websites ( from my home broadband with only 1 Public IP. I am using my router to forward all Port 80,443 requests to Box 2. I have port forwarding for port 25 forwarding to Box 3 for email. If I type I can get to the OWA on box 3.
    And for the issue: However when I try to reach OWA site externally, or internal with the external address, I am unable to get to the site and I get redirected to my Citrix Site. Citrix site is (works fine). Webmail site is (somehow redirects to You can check these out for yourself. How can I set up an Exchange 2007 Front End server on Box 2 (Serv2k3 32Bit) so I can be able to access the OWA site externally OR how can I make IIS forward the request to Box3 without having to acquire another external IP address? Or could I be going about this the wrong way?
    2ndary issue: Even though you can log into the OWA site internally with the, when it comes time to test sending and receiving email, I am unable to do so. I am unable to test with my external Gmail account too. If I send from Gmail to I never receive an undeliverable from Gmail and it acts like it went through. When I send from DizyDiz OWA to Gmail, I get an generic Undeliverable with “#550 4.4.7 QUEUE.Expired” Error Code.

    Any help?

    Thanks for your time and attemps,

    [email protected]