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Migrate from Domino 6.x to Exch 2007

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  • Migrate from Domino 6.x to Exch 2007

    We have a bit different situation. We are about to migrate from Domino 6.x to Exch 2007. And itís not going to be a One day thing We need to set up an environment where some part of users will be still on Domino while moving them slowly to Exch 2007. The migration is not an issue for us (we're using Transend and it's just fine), but the coexistence. Letís say somebody has been moved from Domino to Exchange and his email address has not been changed, so how make the system route all upcoming emails for this customer to the right server? There should be something that can recognize on what server (Domino or Exchange) the personís mailbox is.
    We couldn't find any detailed documentation online.
    Please somebody help!!

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    Re: Domino 8/Exchange coexistence.

    If your situation is a bit different, then WHY didn't you create a new thread instead of hi-jacking another member thread and messing it up!!

    Thread split and you have just earned a 2 week ban for rule violation. The thread shall be left open so others can contribute if they wish.

    Darn, hit the wrong key so it is a 7 day ban. Lucky it is Xmas and I am too busy to go back and change it.
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