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Migration from Domino

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  • Migration from Domino

    What is the best way to export email from a domino mail server and then import it into exchange 2007?

    I cannot have the system communicate at all therfore it need to be a totally manual process. The job seems easy enough if you use the transporter tool from MS but it has to plug in to both systems which i cannot do.

    So I would like to export the mail from domino to pst files, or first to nsf files and then convert them to pst and do the import in to exchange 2007. (Non SP1)


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    Re: Migration from Domino


    if you could go with transporter tool option then i could able to give step by step migration step. but i guess you cannot have the system communicate.

    I searched out and found notes2outlook converter which will convert the mails into pst. (Paid tool) but you have trial version which you can test it.

    Notes2Outlook 1.08

    Notes2Outlook migrates email, folders, attachments and appointments stored in a Lotus Notes archives (nsf files) to an Outlook PST file and/or MSG files.


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      Re: Migration from Domino


      I thought there might be a slicker way of doing it but looks like this will be my only option.

      Thanks for the reply.


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        Re: Migration from Domino


        What I have decieded to do is build a sbs2003 on to a laptop and migrate to exchange first and the pull the data in to pst files.


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          Re: Migration from Domino

          Another useful tool Export Notes, to migrate notes emails to Outlook.

          Site :