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NTBackup from non Exchange 2007 Server

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  • NTBackup from non Exchange 2007 Server

    I have read both of these

    And applied them to our Server 2003 to try and allow backup of our exchange 2007 server, however it wasn't working, could see the remote store option however even after choosing the exchange server, I still could not see the Microsoft Exchange Server selection.

    I started to write a post asking if anybody knew how to fix it then tried something else just to test. Anyway it worked.

    The DLL from the Exchange 2007 server is 64Bit, however our server is 32bit, so I grabbed the drivers from the Exchange 2007 32bit Eval and dropped them in and poof, works instantly (I had put the reg key in previously).

    Anyway I've attached these files for anybody else use.
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    Re: NTBackup from non Exchange 2007 Server

    The 2 files in question are:

    esebcli2.dll Version 8.0.685.24 3/12/2006
    eseback2.dll Version 8.0.685.24 3/12/2006

    These files are available from other Net location.

    Without casting any aspersions on Nicknet, Petri Knowledge Base can not and does not guarantee the integrity of these files attached to this thread. Further more, the attached file shall be deleted immediately and without warning if it is discovered that posting them contravenes any Microsoft EULA.

    Nicknet, we appreciate you posting a solution to your problem and sharing it with all our Members and reader. Please do not take offence with the disclaimer as none is intended or implied.

    Hope to see you posting again soon.
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