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    Hey all,

    Just had my first experience with Exchange 2007 this week. I have to say I am not generally impressed, the power shell is great for advanced configuration but there are some this which could have gone into the GUI......

    That aside, I am correct in saying that there is NO filtering available in a singe server environment?!? Even something as simple as content filtering requires a seperate server?

    If I am wrong (and I hope I am), please tell me where I can get specific instructions on message filtering in a single server environment.

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    Re: Message Filtering

    Found my own answer......

    Thanks anyway......


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      Re: Message Filtering

      Well done on solving your problem and there is no need for an oops smilie. What would be nice is if you could post back and let us know how you solved it then others in the future will get to share your solution. Ta.
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        Re: Message Filtering

        Open the Exchange Management Shell

        Change to the scripts directory (C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\Scripts)
        Tip: right click on the icon for the Management Shell and encapsulate the shells direcory path as the Start in: folder and it will always start there

        Run install-AntispamAgents.ps1

        Start the Exchange Management Console and navigate to Orginization Configuration > Hub Transport and you will now see the Ant-Span tab

        If you're moving from 2003, use the Exchange 2007 Anti Spam Migration Tool to export your existing settings.

        Note: There is no longer two levels of handling for the Content Filter (formerly IMF) and the quarantine no longer goes to file but instead delivers to a defined admin box.


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          Re: Message Filtering

          If you are setting up a single Exchange server then you should probably look at this posting on the msexchangeteam site:
          It covers most of the things for a single server setup.

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