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  • Distribution Grpup Issue

    At my organization, we have a global security group called"ITDept". We use this to send emails to our entire department. However, within that group we have a user called "pcadmin", which is the account we use when we have to log on to a machine to make changes as an administrator.

    When setting up a new computer, we add ITDept group as a local administrator to the PC.

    Frequently, we recieve emails that the pcadmin account rejects emails to the sender because it does not have a mailbox setup on our Exchange server.

    How can we keep pcadmin in the ITDept group, but not have emails sent to this account when the distribution group is used?
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    Re: Distribution Grpup Issue

    Setup a distribution group for sending emails and a security group for permissions stuff. Ensure that PCAdmin is a member of the security group but not a member of the distribution group. Two different groups, two different types of group.
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