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Exchange Server 2007 & Multiple E-mail Domains

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  • Exchange Server 2007 & Multiple E-mail Domains

    hi eveybody,

    our company decided to use Exchange server 2007 for our messaging system. but we have got six different email domains.


    and in exchange server 2007 management console i created accepted domains for all of domains above...

    and i created email policy for them...

    mx records are created for them...

    my problem ise that, when i create email adress policy for and choose to apply this policy to but it still applies all the domains.

    what can i do to solve this problem? i wanna use one exchange server and six email domains in it.

    is there an article for this configuration? how can i configure multiple email domain hosting on one exchange server 2007?

    thanks a lot...

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    Re: Exchange Server 2007 & Multiple E-mail Domains

    I hope I got you right....
    Check the next article, I think it will explain and answer your problem:
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      Re: Exchange Server 2007 & Multiple E-mail Domains

      Thread closed due to it being part of a double post. Other thread will be left open.

      Double posting is a posting rule infraction and has consequences.
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