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Exchange 2007 Anti spam / Av system options

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  • Exchange 2007 Anti spam / Av system options

    I am in the process of deploying an Exchange 2007 environment to replace an Exchange 2003 system hosting around 1000 users.

    We have been using Symantec Bright Mail for Exchange version 6.05 which has agents loaded on the front mails and back end on the 2003 system but this will have to be replaced in our new system.

    Currently I am considering Symantec mail security for Exchange version 5, Microsoft Forefront for Exchange or perhaps Trend Micro as possible replacements. Does anyone here have any experience good or bad with anti spam, anti virus, content filtering you can share.

    I don’t want to introduce a gateway based SMTP solution that sits in front of the mail system I want to use agents that integrates to the Exchange system.

    I’ve been trying to get information on this from Symantec re simply updating our version here in Australia without much luck which is making me think the Microsoft Forefront option could be a better option in terms of support if it works as well as the old Bright Mail system.

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    Re: Exchange 2007 Anti spam / Av system options

    I'm using the new Brightmail (SMS) and its OK as an Antispam system, but you can check PineApp - I think they are better: maybe I will replace it to PineApp too....
    CNE 5, CCA, MCSE NT4.0-2003, MCSE 2003 messaging, Exchange Server MVP.
    Tzahi Kolber - IT Supervisor
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      Re: Exchange 2007 Anti spam / Av system options

      Thanks for that I am also looking at Iron Port also but thatís an appliance too and a single point of failure unless we get twins. At this stage I might trial Forefront and see how that performs. Microsoft has a good record for support with us too which makes me happier.

      I still have not had an answer from Symantec re update cost or price per mail which amazes me. How hard could it be ??

      I guess when we donít renew the current system the phone will start ringing.