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Exchange 2007 GAL query

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  • Exchange 2007 GAL query

    Hi All,

    I have a query with Exchange 2007 GAL. I have created several groups in the address list. These groups were there initially in Exchange 2003 which have been imported into Exchange 2007. Earlier in exchange 2003 ,we could open the group from our outlook client which was 2003 or xp, and then select specific members from each group and then send them a common mail.

    Unfortunately I cannot see that feature in Exchange 2007 or outlook 2007. When I go to the TO button in my outlook 2007 and the open the group I can see the various members but I cannot add specific users into the address bar and send them a mail. I am forced to add the whole group.

    Is this a limitation of exchange 2007 or outlook 2007? Is there some feature that has to be enabled??

    I would be glad if someone could help me on this issue.