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Single ISA2006 std edt - OWA & Outlook Anywhere rules

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  • Single ISA2006 std edt - OWA & Outlook Anywhere rules


    I'm currently looking at implementing Outlook Anywhere and Outlook Web
    Access within my company as a part of our Exchange 2007 deployment.

    I have setup two client access servers and NLB to a single IP Address

    Created a forward lookup zone called
    Added an A record "mail" - and associated to IP

    I have created a single SSL Certificate
    I have added the certificate to both CAS servers.
    URL (Internal and External) for Outlook Anywhere is
    URL (Internal and External) for OWA is

    I have a single ISA 2006 standard edition server
    Added the SSL cert into the personal directory and trusted third party
    I create a rule for OWA using the ISA wizard, web listener is
    authenticating using HTML Form Authentication - Works no problem

    When I to try and create an Outlook Anywhere rule via the wizard....
    and create a Web Listener to use HTML Authentication - I get the
    following ISA error

    A Web listener specifying the same port and similar IP addresses is
    already used by rule "Outlook Web Access". The port and IP addresses
    specified in a Web listener cannot overlap with the IP addresses and
    ports specified in another Web listener already used in a different

    Is there an alternative to get both rules working on the same ISA box?

    Or do I need another ISA server to process requests for Outlook

    Or Possibly Another CAS server specifically for OWA changing the Default
    Web Directory to process SSL on port 444??

    Any ideas / help would be gratefully received


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    Re: Single ISA2006 std edt - OWA & Outlook Anywhere rules

    You simply need to use the same web listener created for the OWA rule and not create a new one.
    Hace a nice day,

    Simone Chemelli
    MCP (Exchange 2003)

    (This post is provided as-is with no warranties, expressed or otherwise, and confers no rights.)