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Down grade Schema to use Exchange 2003

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  • Down grade Schema to use Exchange 2003

    On a 2003 domain that did not have Exchange installed previously - no forest prep or domain prep for exchange 2000 or 2003, I installed Exchange 2007 which performed forest and domain prep. Their anti-spam software doesn't support 2007 yet and I would like to go back to Exchange 2003. It will not let me install Exchange 2003 as it says the forest prep has not been completed and it won't let me apply Exch 2003 forest prep. Is there a way to downgrade the schema or rollback the schema or force an Exchange 2003 install after Exchange 2007 schema update?


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    Re: Down grade Schema to use Exchange 2003

    Without knowing anything about Exchange 2007, I would say downgrade is not an option. Exchange 2007 is a 64 bit application. Exchange 2003 is a 32 bit application.

    Daniel, Simon or another Exchange specialist should be able to give you better reasons why.
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      Re: Down grade Schema to use Exchange 2003

      The only way you can install Exchange 2003 is to build a new forest. If the forest was prepped straight for Exchange 2007 then you cannot downgrade the prep to accept Exchange 2003.

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