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Exchange 2007 OWA Issues

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  • Exchange 2007 OWA Issues


    First i better tell you what action has been taken up to now with my migration to exchange 2007.

    I was previously running SBS 2003 with exchange on the one box, however the companies needs have changed so we are expanding the server infrastructure from one box to two, so the first thing i did was install W2003 X64 on a new server, I have made this a DC and installed Exchange and migrated exchange as per this tutorial

    This all went well except for incoming mail not working as it is still a single exchange server and not connected to an edge transport role. so had to set the routeconnector to accept anonymoususers

    i then removed exchange 2003 off the SBS server as per the above tutorial, then transfered GC FSMO roles over to the exchange 2007 server and DCpromo'ed the SBS server out of the domain.

    At this point the exchnage server has exchange and AD installed and is running the FSMO roles for the domain. (i am yet to reformat the other server and install 2k3 server standard and install ISa to host owa frontend etc.)

    so as it stands when i try to access OWA internally i am prompted for authentication in what seems to be basic authentication prompt, i then put in those details and i get the owa forms based authentication screen. when i put in the details i get access to the mailbox.

    however externally i get the same basic prompt and the forms based authentication, and then i receive an error 400 message Bad Request message. i have searched the web and have looked at all the problems relating to error 400 but i only can see unrelated OWA 2003 responses.

    I want to resolve this before i install the other server transfer FSMO and GC roles and removing AD from the mailserver and install ISA and pee around doing forwarding of OWA.

    to recap there are i believe two issues, why is OWA requesting authentication twice and then there is the error 400 error accessing OWA from the web, but it works internally.

    I hope somebody can help as this forum whilst dedicated to exchange 2007 seems to have questions only and no answers. i hope someone else has hit these problems. and sorry for the overkill in background, however i thought it best to see where i have come from to get to these errors.


    Stuart Buchanan

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    Re: Exchange 2007 OWA Issues

    Any thing in between the sbs server and internet?
    Suspecting ISA 2006?

    *Not sure, but check if this applies to your case.

    * Are you able to access any other pages from internet
    any gif, html, asp pages from the SBS (E2k7)?

    * Is the request reaching the IIS (confirm from IIS logs)

    * Check the .net mapping on IIS?

    a. In IIS Manager, click the Web Server Extensions folder.
    b. On the right side, locate ASP.NET v 1.1.4322. The status of ASP.NET v 1.1.4322
    should be set to Prohibit.
    c. Change the status of ASP .NET v 1.14322 to Allow. To do this, right-click the
    words "ASP.NET v1.1.4322," and then click Allow

    my working server has got both the ASP.NET v1.1.4322 and ASP.NET v2.0.50727
    allowed in the "Web server extensions"


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      Re: Exchange 2007 OWA Issues

      Did you ever happen to find a solution for this problem? We just migrated and are seeing the same thing.