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    I installed exchange 2007 and specified a quarantaine mailbox in the Anti-Spam Action Tab.
    When i receive messages in this mailbox, they all come from Administrator (= my postmaster)
    with subject Undeliverable.
    In Exchange Help, i found that i can expose additional fields in the mail view :

    In Outlook 2007 on a client computer,
    click View on the menu bar
    Click Current View, and then click Customize Current View.
    In the Customize View: Messages dialog box, click Fields.
    In the Show Fields dialog box, click New Field.
    In the name field, type Sender[#0x0069001E].
    Click OK to add the new field.
    Repeat steps 4 - 6 for Recipient[#0x0E04001E] and Bcc[#0x0E02001E].

    When i do this, the fields are shown in outlook but there is no info displayed.
    Without this extra info, this mailbox is wothless, because you have to open every message to see for whom the message is.

    Any help is welcome