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Windows Mobile 2003 and Exchange 2007

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  • Windows Mobile 2003 and Exchange 2007

    Hi guys,
    Just wondering if Windows Mobile 2003 (old iPaq) will work with Active Sync Exchange 2007? Any upgrades, service packs required? Windows Mobile 2005 works very well with Active Sync Exchange 2007 for me, my question is that the same for WM 2003? Please let me know if anybody was able to configure that.
    Thank you so much!
    Also, please help me to understand - is it possible to upgrade the devices with Windows Mobile 2005 to Windows Mobile 2006 or Windows 2006 bound to a specific hardware and only to newly intoduced models of the mobile devices as iPaq? Can I take a relitevely new iPaq with WM 2005 and upgrade it to WM2006 - just wanted to try the autodiscover feature for the mobile devices that availble only in WM 2006.
    Thanks again.

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    Re: Windows Mobile 2003 and Exchange 2007

    1. Windows Mobile 2003 should work OK with Exchange 2007, but I recommend you to search for updates from MS to the Windows Mobile 2003:
    And from HP too.

    2. About upgrade or supports other operating systems for your iPaq, I recommend you to check with HP.
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      Re: Windows Mobile 2003 and Exchange 2007

      PPC6600s (using Windows Mobile 2003) trying to check mail using Exchange 2007 Client Access Server via ActiveSync will not be able to do so. Seems like these old devices are no longer liked by Exchange 2007. Or at least in my testing today they don't play together. I guess it’s a way to get you to update to WM5.0.

      You will probably need a 3rd party solution to get them to work.

      This article says you can:

      I'm trying to see if that works.

      As for the updates, you will only be able to update devices for which actual WM6 updates have been made. You can also check around on the forums to see if certain "hacks" have been made for your specific devices.
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        Re: Windows Mobile 2003 and Exchange 2007

        FYI, this is was a configuration screw up on my part due to little info. out there about this at this point. You can use WM2003 devices on Exchange 2007. Rather than asking the Moderator to kill this thread, I am posting the solution to add to the knowledbase out there. In order to access Mailboxes that reside on an Exchange 2003 (E2K3) server when using and Exchange 2007 (E2K7) Client Access Server (CAS):

        In order to continue to synchronize windows mobile devices via Exchange ActiveSync with their mailboxes hosted on Exchange 2003 mailbox servers,
        you will need to ensure that Integrated Windows Authentication is enabled on all of the Exchange ActiveSync virtual directories (Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync) on Exchange 2003 mailbox servers. Also very important that anonymous access is turned off.


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          Re: Windows Mobile 2003 and Exchange 2007

          Thanks Dmack, we appreciate you posting back with your solution. I am sure it will help someone with the same problem in the future.
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