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Outlook Anywhere on a Single Server Setup

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  • Outlook Anywhere on a Single Server Setup

    I deployed Exchange 2007 with a single server (i.e. Client Access, Hub Transport, Mailbox Role, domain controller, active directory and DNS all in on a single server with a single IP address.) Although I understand this is not recommended best-practice, it is necessary for my organization. Before the Exchange 2007 setup, we had Exchange 2003 running RPC over HTTPS on a single server setup working just fine. However, now with Exchange 2007 we are having many issues getting Outlook 2007 to connect using the Outlook Anywhere feature.
    While installing I think I may have acted too quickly by assuming RPC over HTTPS in Exchange 2007 required port configurations like the ones outlined in the "Configure RPC over HTTP/S on a Single Server" posting by Mr. Petri. So, in the interest of saving time I used the tool created by Harry Bates posted on that same forum. I have tried to set back to defaults using the tool and then running the tool again to no success. Does anyone have any suggestions or knowledge about configurinig Outlook Anywhere on a Single Server, any idea what I may have done wrong? Any steps I am missing?

    Thank you in advance for your replies.

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    Re: Outlook Anywhere on a Single Server Setup

    Exchange 2007 isnt Exchange 2003.
    The tools, settings etc. was change from Exchange 2003, so beside allow
    access from the world to HTTPS to the server, you will need to review:
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    Yuval Sinay

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      Re: Outlook Anywhere on a Single Server Setup

      Thank you for your reply. I recently fixed the problem. It turns out that Exchange 2007 does in fact require modifications to the registry to enable Outlook Anywhere on the single server role. The modifications are similar, but not the same as Exchange 2003. The "Enable Outlook Anywhere Wizard" on the Management Console makes these modifications to the registry, and it is not required to manually change it. If anyone tried to configure their registry using the Exchange 2003 parameters, disabling Outlook Anywhere, and then enabling it again, should revert your registry to the correct settings. Anyone with questions about this, feel free to ask. Thanks again.
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