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EdgeSync synchronizes only root domain?

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  • EdgeSync synchronizes only root domain?

    I have a root domain in forest and additional domain in the same forest. Try to use Edge
    Transport Server Recipient Filtering feature, which compare recipient addresses to stored in ADAM database on Edge.

    But, when Recipient Filtering enabled, only root domain emails(proxy Addresses) are accepted. Another domain in the same forest, of course in the same Exchange organization, configured as authoritative accepted in Hub Transport - rejected in verification process...

    No errors at all - Successfull synchronization in EdgeSynchronization process, Egde Transport Server displays both domains as authoritative...

    Sometimes event "MS Exchange Extensibility - Transport Address Book" appears in Edge logs, with counts of users and proxy addresses. I'm add one additional proxy address to non-root domain, and count in "MS Exchange Extensibility - Transport Address Book" proxy addresses increased by 1, but still not accepted...

    Anyone faced this problem? I think not only me try to configure a couple domains in the same forest and one edge in DMZ...


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    Re: EdgeSync synchronizes only root domain?


    Provided by MSFT team member:

    This is a known limitation of EdgeSync, will be fixed in SP1. A workaround would be to not have 'sibling' domains at the top: i.e. and won't work with RTM, but and should work fine.