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Transition to EXchange 2007

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  • Transition to EXchange 2007

    I have a projcet and I ned you experience;

    I have two cluster Exchange server with storage ( to mailbox ).. They are back-end.

    One server is front-end at DMZ.

    I have 600 user with 1 GB mailbox limit. My users sends 40 mail and receives 20 mail in a day.

    1.For edge role How must be my machine's physical properities?
    2.I am confused about mailbox role? Have I need this role when I have storage?
    3.For cluster machines;

    I search microsoft web site and I find some properities for server machines like;

    But I think some times tech net is different than real life,when you talking about exchage

    Any body can tell him experience,setup problems ?


    Best Regards.

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    Re: Transition to EXchange 2007

    A short overview can be found in:

    From what I seen so far, the main issue is RAM.
    2 GB for server and at least 5 MB per mailbox.

    Best Regards,

    Yuval Sinay

    LinkedIn:, Blog:


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      Re: Transition to EXchange 2007

      There are no way to make any kind of in place upgrade ...
      If you want to use the CCR or the SCC, you must buy the enterprise edition. Do consider the new CCR solution regarding cluster ...
      ISA, is a app you should considor to implement in your DMZ to publish your future CAS server role. Before you install the first exchange 2007 (CAS server) you MUST remove the FE role on the FE Exchange 2003 server. I would have done this :
      1. Implent ISA, publish the Exchange FE server, inside the network.
      2. remove the FE role
      3. install CAS server role (also with the HT role)
      The exchange 2007 CAS server act as a FE to the 2003 environment ...
      If you having the money and the idea to have the exchange environment redundant, you should implement TWO CAS servers in a NLB cluster, these two machines should also have the HT trole.
      The clustered MB server, have to be alone with the MB server role. Install this server in the exchange env. and move the mb users from the old servers to the new one ...

      Good luck,