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Exchange 2007 CAL does not include Oulook 2007

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  • Exchange 2007 CAL does not include Oulook 2007

    Unless you're organization's SA (Software Assurance) for Exchange is current as of November 30, 2006!

    If you do not have an SA agreement with Microsoft, or if it has expired before last month, you will NOT get a license to install Outlook 2007 as your Exchange 2007 client, and you will need to pay for it.

    Microsoft officials say this move is “In an effort to simplify licensing for customers, Microsoft is aligning products in a way that maps to the most common customer purchase process. By separating client and server purchases we are helping to streamline the purchasing process for our customers. As a result, Outlook, which is a client product, will not be included as part of Exchange Server 2007. An exception will be made for active SA customers.” (Jevon Fark, Unified Communications Group product manager).

    But from what I see it looks like they're just trying to squeeze more money out of the clients.

    So, what will most of us use for the Exchange 2007 client? OWA? OMA? On, no, OMA is toast. ActiveSync? Outlook Express? Evolution (a cool Linux-based MAPI client)? An older Outlook version? What will small companies with SBS use for their clients? Or are they expected to pay another 100$ per machine just to have Outlook 2007 on it?

    And what about those Public Folders that we though we could lose if we used Outlook 2007? You cannot benefit from 100% of the Exchange 2007 stuff unless you use Outlook 2007 as a client.

    This is going to pose a significant problem for companies that have budgeted Microsoft Exchange 2007 purchase but have not made plans to move to Microsoft Office 2007. So they will either go for the SA track, or, in some circumstances, move totally towards Open Office and other open source products.

    This looks like another poor decision from Microsoft.

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