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1 in a million mails doesn't reach destination

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  • 1 in a million mails doesn't reach destination

    I have exchange 2003, everything is fine but for a few mails don't reach the recipient for no reason. I checked with the "Message tracking tool", the said mail could be tracked only upto "submitted to categorizer" I don't know where it goes thereafter. I have even viewed "queue viewer" and "directory lookup queue" nothing help is there.

    Can somebody rescue me in the situation, my users may lose important mails?

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    Re: 1 in a million mails doesn't reach destination

    The Message Tracking option is only good for local email send to other local Exchange servers, if you track an outbound email with it you'll only get the message tracked up to its exit point, no further.

    The Queue viewer is only good ofr email still ON YOUR server, waiting to be delivered. If won't show you email that were already delivered.

    You can start logging the SMTP traffic via the SMTP Virtual Server properties, then wait for one of these bad emails to arrive. Some info as to why the email coul9n't be sent will be found in the logfile, but note that you'll need to do some digging.

    You could also try to see maybe there's something wrong with either the recipient email address, or something blocking you from sending to that destination, for example bad MX records, Firewall issues, reverese lookup (PTR) issues, some anti-spam issues, black lists and so on.

    Daniel Petri
    Microsoft Most Valuable Professional - Active Directory Directory Services