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Second Exchange 2003 Server behind firewall

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  • Second Exchange 2003 Server behind firewall


    We have the following configuration:
    2 exchange 2003 SP2 servers. Both in the same domain and both are also AD servers.
    They are both behind the same firewall (Astaro). I opened the SSL port on the firewall for OWA which works great for the first server X. Now with the second server in place and users on them I can't connect to the OWA on that server from the internet (internal no problem using http).

    connecting with will connect to the first server. When that server X detects that the user is on the second server Y, it redirects the user to it with http://Y.domain.local/exchange/
    Which offcourse does not work, because its local and http. How to get this working?

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    Re: Second Exchange 2003 Server behind firewall

    Sorry about that post above. I just got the brainwave 'how to solve this'!
    I forgot to put the second server in the DNAT of the firewall.