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No Send/Receive in Outlook2003/Exchange 2003

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  • No Send/Receive in Outlook2003/Exchange 2003

    I've set up a Exchange server 2003 SP2 on a 2003 member server connected to my domain. I can't seem to send or receive any email internally or externally (i.e when I send an email to internal user A from internal user B, user A doesn't receive this mail and vice versa). I also can't sent out external email either. As far as I can tell I've set up exchange correctly. I've also checked SMTP service is running on the Exchange server, under directory access on the server properties -> Directory Access, the name of my domain controller is listed (in show it says all domains). I've checked the queues under server -> queues and there's no messages waiting (although I noticed that the SMTP Mailbox Store queue is set to x400, is this correct?). On checking the Mailboxes under the First Storage Group the two users mailboxes that I've set up appear to have emails in them (1 user has 9 items on the other has 10 items in).

    When I send a message from one of my users to the other it appears to send and goes to the Sent Items folder, but when I log on to Outlook as the other user and do sent/receive the email that I sent doesn't show up it in the Inbox.

    Also I've checked Outlook and there are no view that would prevent me from viewing new messages, I've also logged on to OWA and there are no messages from either user in the inbox. I've gone to the ESD and Message tracking centre and seached the users by both Sender and by Recipents and the message I get is 'The tracking database on member-server.HOME.COM is no available or the message has left the Exchange organization ID no: c1032751. This is totally weird. I set up this exchange server for testing purposes, but can't seem to send or receive any email from any internal users. The members server that I have exchange installed on only has 256mb of memory, would this little amount of memory stop the sending and receiving of emails internally?

    Could one of you kind souls point me right direction to resolve the above issue.

    Many thanks,


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    Re: No Send/Receive in Outlook2003/Exchange 2003

    I'm having this exact problem. Did you ever get it resolved?