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DR testing

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  • DR testing

    Hi All, We run a w2k3 AD network with E2k3sp1. We have a push on DR testing at the moment and I'd like to run a full DR test as if we no longer had our original servers still and were rebuilding off site on new servers from our tape backups. Is this kind of thing possible given that I'll probably struggle to get hardware that's exactly the same as our current DC and E2k3 boxes. I was envisaging using the recovery with /disasterrecovery switch as covered at We run backup exec 9.1 with exchaneg agent. many thanks W

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    Re: DR testing

    same here bro.. i have to comply woth a tier 7 DR colo plan and its not too fun.

    i was worried about the hardware stuff also, as the exchange server sits on a dell 1855 poweredge and we dont have any morte of them free, so what the hell would i do with my back up if i didnt have a server?

    one thing i have been playing around with is Virtual PC.. mainly VM ware. with vware and vmotion i can bring up a failed exchange /sql/web server with in a minute, regardless of the hardware specs.

    virtual is also a cool way to see if your backups are able to be restored properly. and the cool thing about virtual as opposed to VM is the fact that VPC is free now... and its prettty damn efficent.

    if you have a colo already, have you tried adding a second exchange server on one of the boxes at the DR colo? my colo is a syncronous mirror across a matching pair of DS4000 blade centers with a SANs array... that way you can have a differen machine with the same services... and configure a high cost route to the colo exchnage box to make sure it is only used when no response is recieved from the primary

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