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Some mail not delivered.

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  • Some mail not delivered.

    I have exchage 2003 server running with about 100 clients using outlook 2003. About 10 clients report that only 1-2 to people they send email to does not get delivered. All the other people they email are fine. We have a company that filters our email for spam, but I have talked to them numerous times and they insist it's on my end. I have also checked with some of the people who they can't send to and they say they recieve email fine from everybody els. Any help in this matter would be appreciated. I have had this problem for several months now. Thank you.

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    Re: Some mail not delivered.

    Do you have a reverse DNS (PTR) record setup for your server? It may be that the domains you are trying to send to are doing a reverse DNS lookup to see if you are really you and if there is no PTR it will fail.

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      Re: Some mail not delivered.

      Thank you for your help. DNS is not installed on the server with exchange. So can I create the reverse ptr record on another Domain Controller or do I need DNS on the exchange server to do this?