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    i have a big problem from the last week. my ip is listed on some blacklists on the sites like i have a windows 2000 server with microsoft exchange 2000 standard edition and i use Scan Mail and Office Scan from TrenMicro as antivirus program. i scan all my network and i did not found any viruses. i want to know what other thing can i do!! you have an iddea???

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    Re: block by antispam site

    You could use one of the links here to scan yoursite to see if there is an Open Relay.

    If you do have an Open Relay, you will need to disable it.
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      Re: block by antispam site

      Your IP may be blacklisted because your server is on a dialup or DHCP range of IP addresses. One of my customer's buy's their IP addresses from an ISP and the IP addresses accidentally got on a DHCP list of IP addresses. SpamCop (and others) were blocking their mail. There is a nice block list lookup tool at

      Jim McBee