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OWA Authentication ( no login on browser)

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  • OWA Authentication ( no login on browser)

    Hey Guys,

    I have been gradually implementing a new exchange server cluster in my organistion over the last few months. Thanks to the great advice here , generally things have gone smoothly.

    I came to building my frontend exchange box the other day and the problems started. Mainly because I started playing around with permissions in IIS and messing it up . So after going through the "Fixing a Damaged or Incorrectly Configured OWA 2003 Installation" article, I decided to ask on the forums.

    Is there a simple way to enable some form of passthrough authentication for OWA? To clarify .. user logs on to Domain .. clicks IE .. clicks link for OWA and their DOMAIN credentials are then used to authenticate them.

    Looking at the directory security options (within IIS), I ticked some of the boxes which I thought would do that (see above for results)

    Any tips would be appreciated .



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    Re: OWA Authentication ( no login on browser)

    You mean like Forms Based Authentication?
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      Re: OWA Authentication ( no login on browser)

      From what you are saying in your post basically you need to enable forms based authentication. Have you ever use FBA? I have attached a screeshot, if that is what you looking for then you are in the right place to find very good material and be explained how to enable FBA on your exchange server enviroment.

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        Re: OWA Authentication ( no login on browser)

        Thanks guys. I enabled the "FBA" feature and it works, but isnt quite what I was looking for.

        I dont want my users to have to type in a username/password for OWA once they are logged into the domain.. I just want them to click on the OWA link and it loads up with their mailbox. Without having to authenticate them twice.

        Obviously if they are accessing their Mail from an external source and not on the domain, then I am happy for them to have to enter their credentials.



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          Re: OWA Authentication ( no login on browser)

          that would be nice, huh? i havent figured this out either... i did change the log on a little. i followed the article to allow logon without the proper [email protected] format and that was better, but i want to do a puch in the favorites to have the OWA account there and when they click it it brings up their page. all users have a unique logon...

          my web dev here has made us a help desk that works like that perfectly. i set a GPO to force the home page to our intranet and it grabs the name of the session init and shows there helpdesk page....

          but yeah, youre right. it would be nice. the save password thing works, but thats a pain...

          one other issue is that if they save their password to the console, then when it changes in 30 days the password must be reset their also...

          yeah, good question. im interested.
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            Re: OWA Authentication ( no login on browser)

            OK I have an update here.. After checking various different things, I discovered the OWA "passthrough" authentication works fine IF you connect to the server on which Exchange resides and call OWA through that link. ie: http://mainserver/exchange

            ( Obviously, you have to be on a machine which resides on the same domain at that point as well) HOWEVER .. my Frontend Exchange box doesnt allow this to happen , eventhough it is in the same NETWORK as the main Exchange server. ie: http://frontendserver/exchange

            I assume this has something to do with how the credentials are passed through to the backend box ( no transparency ?? ) .

            Has anyone come across something similar?