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  • Exprofre error

    Hi All,

    I'm an administrator in a company, we've 2 domains and we decided to consolidate em to one domain, we use "exprofre" to move the .pst files from one domain to the other which will be our only domain, while testing that on one file, an error occured, it says that the MAPI can't initialize.

    Plz advice,

    Thx in advance

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    Re: Exprofre error


    here is the log file that was created after running the exprofre tool

    [09:13:54] ************** Beginning exprofre run **************
    [09:13:54] Starting exprofre on Windows 5.1.2600 at 09:13:54 08/24/06
    Target GC = "print_server"
    Log File = "C:\DOCUME~1\com12309\LOCALS~1\Temp\exprofre.l og"
    Read Only = "No"
    Rename Favorites = "No"
    Clear Outlook Nickname Cache = "Yes"
    Reset Offline Address Book = "Yes"
    Log Level = "Verbose"
    OST = "Rename"
    Update the profile based on a change of = "User Legacy Exchange DN"
    [09:13:54] Entering: f:\df7720\deployment\src\autoprof\profiler.cpp(283 ): wmain()
    [09:13:54] Entering: f:\df7720\deployment\src\autoprof\stdafx.cxx(821): CheckOSVersion()
    OS version = 5.1.2600
    [09:13:54] Leaving: f:\df7720\deployment\src\autoprof\stdafx.cxx(835): CheckOSVersion()
    [09:13:54] Entering: f:\df7720\deployment\src\autoprof\stdafx.cxx(1143) : IsProcessRunning()
    [09:13:54] Leaving: f:\df7720\deployment\src\autoprof\stdafx.cxx(1176) : IsProcessRunning()
    [09:13:54] Entering: f:\df7720\deployment\src\autoprof\stdafx.cxx(1143) : IsProcessRunning()
    [09:13:54] Leaving: f:\df7720\deployment\src\autoprof\stdafx.cxx(1176) : IsProcessRunning()
    [09:13:54] Entering: f:\df7720\deployment\src\autoprof\stdafx.cxx(1405) : IsMAPIDLLRunning()
    About to enumerate processes
    [09:13:54] Leaving: f:\df7720\deployment\src\autoprof\stdafx.cxx(1462) : IsMAPIDLLRunning()
    [09:13:54] Entering: f:\df7720\deployment\src\autoprof\stdafx.cxx(845): CheckOutlookVersion()
    Registry key name = "Outlook.Application\CurVer"
    About to get default value for the key.
    Outlook version = "Outlook.Application.11"
    About to Close Registry Key
    Outlook 11 is installed.
    [09:13:54] Leaving: f:\df7720\deployment\src\autoprof\stdafx.cxx(904): CheckOutlookVersion()
    About to CoInitialize
    About to MAPIInitialize
    About to get MAPI Admin Profiles
    [09:13:55] Entering: f:\df7720\deployment\src\autoprof\mapi.cxx(16: CMAPI::GetDefaultProfileName()
    About to get Profile Table.
    About to set columns to search.
    About to restrict the search.
    About to find row.
    About to get row count.
    About to query rows.
    Could not get PR_DISPLAY_NAME_W
    Default profile name = "com12309"
    [09:13:55] Entering: f:\df7720\deployment\src\autoprof\stdafx.cxx(110): EncodeKey()
    [09:13:55] Leaving: f:\df7720\deployment\src\autoprof\stdafx.cxx(161): EncodeKey()
    About to free MAPI buffers.
    About to release profile table
    [09:13:55] Leaving: f:\df7720\deployment\src\autoprof\mapi.cxx(337): CMAPI::GetDefaultProfileName()
    [09:13:55] Entering: f:\df7720\deployment\src\autoprof\mapi.cxx(107: CMAPI::UpdateDefaultProfileProperties()
    About to get message service admin
    About to Open default profile section
    About to get profile properties
    Profile user = "/o=Enppi/ou=First Administrative Group/cn=Recipients/cn=kmotaweh"
    Profile home server = "NTSERVER"
    Profile home server DN = "/o=Enppi/ou=First Administrative Group/cn=Configuration/cn=Servers/cn=NTSERVER"
    Profile unresolved server = ""
    Profile home server name FQDN = "NTSERVER.Enppi-mail.corp"
    Profile config flags = "0x4"
    Display name = "Karim Motaweh"
    Could not get PR_PROFILE_SERVER
    Could not get PR_PROFILE_SERVER_DN
    About to open registry key = "Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explore r\Shell Folders"
    Path to the Local AppData = "C:\Documents and Settings\com12309\Local Settings\Application Data"
    Path to the AppData = "C:\Documents and Settings\com12309\Application Data"
    About to Close Registry Key
    [09:13:55] Entering: f:\df7720\deployment\src\autoprof\ad.cxx(119): CActiveDirectory::OpenConnection()
    The active directory path = "GC://print_server"
    About to connect to the global catalog server.
    [09:13:55] Leaving: f:\df7720\deployment\src\autoprof\ad.cxx(171): CActiveDirectory::OpenConnection()
    [09:13:55] Entering: f:\df7720\deployment\src\autoprof\ad.cxx(181): CActiveDirectory::SearchForTheUserProfile()
    Search filter = "(&(objectCategory=person)(objectClass=user)(proxy Addresses=X500:/o=Enppi/ou=First Administrative Group/cn=Recipients/cn=kmotaweh))"
    About to execute the search.
    About to get the user profile.
    [09:13:55] Error: f:\df7720\deployment\src\autoprof\ad.cxx(22: CActiveDirectory::SearchForTheUserProfile()
    "The users mailbox has not been migrated or the profile update has already been run."


    [09:13:55] Leaving: f:\df7720\deployment\src\autoprof\ad.cxx(241): CActiveDirectory::SearchForTheUserProfile()
    About to free MAPI buffers.
    About to Release Profile Section
    About to release message service admin
    [09:13:55] Leaving: f:\df7720\deployment\src\autoprof\mapi.cxx(1756): CMAPI::UpdateDefaultProfileProperties()
    About to Release Search Root.
    About to MAPIUninitialize
    [09:13:55] Leaving: f:\df7720\deployment\src\autoprof\profiler.cpp(654 ): wmain()
    The default user profile and/or Outlook files were not changed

    Could anyone help please,