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Cannot receive external mail (EX2003)

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  • Cannot receive external mail (EX2003)

    Hi guys
    Would be grateful for some Exchange advice, if possible.
    I recently installed Exchange 2003 Standard Edition, first time I have done so, and the install went ok. I ran thru the Internet Mail Wizard which completed ok, or seemed to, but although I can send mail to external addresses no problems, I am unable to receive mail from external addresses.
    I can send and receive mail internally ok.
    I understand it is likely there is some configuration I haven't completed. Can anyone advise what?
    Not certain what info an expert would need to advise on this.
    The Exchange server is in the child domain we control, there is a connector to parent domain Exchange server, which has an external MX record which works ok.
    I have looked into this and wonder if maybe it is connected to port 25, perhaps our firewall blocks inbound traffic on that port? I'm guessing though.

    All advice welcome, as always


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    Re: Cannot receive external mail (EX2003)

    You will of course need to allow for access via port 25 inbound and outbound on the firewall for the server.

    You will probably need to speak to your ISP and ask them to register an MX record in DNS that points to your external IP address. Please note that you will also require port forwarding for port 25 to the server.


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      Re: Cannot receive external mail (EX2003)

      Thanks again Wullieb, very much appreciated as always!!