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Email account settings using group policy?

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  • Email account settings using group policy?

    Hey guys,

    Is it possible somehow to define the exchange server address and set the username to %Username% somewhere on group policy so that when someone logs on to the domain with his username, he doesn't have to setup the email account on the first run of outlook?

    i know you can use the custom installation wizard from the office resource kit and it looks good but what if i already installed 20 computers with a regular office installation? the file that you create with the custom installation wizard is supposed to be run with the installation of office... well it's a bit late for that now...

    btw, I added the microsoft outlook security template and it has NOTHING to do with setting the exchange server address and the username. It deals only with other settings on outlook. I couldn't find ANY reference to these two little details that i need (exchange server address and username).



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    Re: Email account settings using group policy?

    There are certainly 3rd Party tools:

    If you have time, you could also investigate this:

    Can't see any native way of doing it, but not enough time to look properly

    EDIT: Try this one too:

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      Re: Email account settings using group policy?

      I think what you are after is Outlook Profiles. Have a read through the information at the provided link. Any questions you have should be answered by those more knowledgable about Outlook and Exchange than me.
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        Re: Email account settings using group policy?

        Which version of Outlook?

        The custom installation file can generate a PRF file. The PRF file can be deployed via a login script with Outlook 2002 and higher. Older versions of Outlook need to use other techniques.

        To answer your specific version - it is not possible to configure Outlook with the servername via Group Policy because that information is not stored in the registry.

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          Re: Email account settings using group policy?

          hey guys and thanks so much for your replies. i'm actually located in australia (origianlly from givatayim) so i just woke up and saw your replies.

          i'm using outlook 2003 and it's really funny because it's such a needed thing (in my opinion anyway...) to control it through group policy (but i'm not working for microsoft just yet so maybe that's why they don't listen to me... )

          I will look into the PRF file thing and let you guys know how it went. I think it's the best way to go.

          Thanks again,