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best way to backup a user who has left

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  • best way to backup a user who has left

    We have an account manager that has left the company and I would like to remove her from AD. The thing is that her mail still needs to be accessed by several people that have taken over her accounts.

    I was wondering what the people feel in here is the best way to do this. I have thought of either just leaving her on the server and setting up the access rewuired by people or moving it all to a post file and putting it on a network share.

    Any ideas are welcome.


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    Re: best way to backup a user who has left

    Hi brian873.
    My two cents:
    If there's data in the user's mailbox, export the data and make it accessible to the appropriate people then disable the account for 30-90 days (or until you know you don't need anything from it) and then delete it.

    (Note: by default, after you delete a user with an Exchange mailbox, Exchange will keep the user's mailbox for 30 days and then will remove it. During the 30 days you can create a user and associate the mailbox with it if need be)

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      Re: best way to backup a user who has left

      Thanks Jeremy !

      That is the route I have taken. The account managers have a private area for them to use. So i have out the mail in to a pst file and gave the people access to open it when they need to.

      Thanks again for the help.


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        Re: best way to backup a user who has left

        The way that I deal with this is to leave the account in place.
        The account has all permissions and group memberships removed (except for Domain Users) and the SMTP address is moved to another account (manager or something like that).

        Then grant permissions to the mailbox to those who need to access the old information. Visit their Outlook installations and add the account to Outlook. Finally hide the mailbox from the address lists.

        A PST file is fine in some cases, but if more than one person needs access then you have an issue. PST files can only be opened by one user at a time and shouldn't be accessed over a network. By maintaining the original mailbox multiple people can view the mailbox.

        Long term, PST storage is a good idea. The email is removed from the store and stored on CD. That is only done after six months or so, when there is nothing of immediate value in the mailbox.

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          Re: best way to backup a user who has left

          thanks for the reply sembee... good overview of your procedure