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Get AD error trying to uninstall E2k3

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  • Get AD error trying to uninstall E2k3

    We've recently migrated to a new exchange server, and I'd like to remove the Exchange application from it's old machine. The old machine is the AD and DC. I've followed all the uninstallation steps I could find here:

    Everything went smoothly until I ran the uninstall process on the old Exchange box. During the uninstallation routine I get the following error:

    "Setup failed while installing sub-component Microsoft Windows Active Directory schema update with error code 0xC1037896"

    The rest of the process continues but when finished indicates 3 components that threw errors:

    System Management Tools
    Forrest Preparation
    Messaging and Collaboration Services

    When I reboot the machine, Exchange is still listed as installed and all the services are still in the services list (though none of them will start).

    I'm fairly positive I missed a crucial step but I'll admit this ist he first time I've ever had to remove Exchange. The box is not adversly effected other than these errors and the other Exchange server is working just fine (and shows in AD).

    I'd like to cleanly remove the rest of Exchange but I'm loathe to start the "manual" remove steps if there's an easier way.

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    Re: Get AD error trying to uninstall E2k3

    Correction. I have one fairly serious adverse effect, Active directory no longer shows any Exchange server tasks, though it still shows the mailboxes for users in the new exchange server.

    I could really use some help now


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      Re: Get AD error trying to uninstall E2k3

      So as I continue to investigate it seems the following as occured: The tech who did the initial uninstall had the "Service Pack 2" CD in the drive instead of the actual exchange server CD. This seems to have caused a large number of the uninstall problems.

      Another run of the uninstall with the right CD removed significant components but still leaves the messaging and collaboration services.

      Active Directory still show now Exchange options or features. My hunch is all of the entries for Exchange have been removed from AD. This is something I feared when doing the uninstall but could find no information on at the time.

      So now here's my situation, I have running (and responding) Exchange server on a seperate box, an Active Directory that shows the mailboxes but provides no Exchange features either when creating new users or modifying existing ones.

      I need to restore the Exchange features in AD, that's my primary concern at this point.


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        Re: Get AD error trying to uninstall E2k3


        Okay restored the AD Exchange tools by re-installing the Exchange management tools to the AD server. I can now add/remove users and modify mailboxes from AD.

        Mail is still working on the new Exchange server.

        However the old server still shows the Exchange services in the services list and cannot uninstall the Messaging and Collaboration services from the machine. In all other aspects it appears exchange is uninstalled.

        I'd like to get a clean remove from the machine however it is stable and serviceable at the moment. Are there any steps I'm missing or tests I can run?


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          Re: Get AD error trying to uninstall E2k3

          In some cases (unfortunately quite very often) the traditional uninstallation gives up work.
          Never mind, be brutal a bit. It takes longer to investigate why it is not working than doing he manual remove steps.

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