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W2K DC with Exchange 2000 to W2K3 DC with Exchange 2003

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  • W2K DC with Exchange 2000 to W2K3 DC with Exchange 2003

    I've searched the forum for a similar question but don't find anything that explicitly pertains to my question. I am going to be installing all new hardware which will have a W2K3 DC with Exchange 2003. The current configuration is a W2K DC with Exchange 2000. I realize putting the Exchange server on the DC isn't recommended practice but I have no choice. I need to know the best way to do this. Do I install the server as a member server then dcpromo it? With the new DC stable and holding all roles, do I then install Exchange 2003 into the same Exchange 2000 organization then replicate mailboxes, public folders, etc? The W2K server that is the current DC and Exchange server will be removed completely.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: W2K DC with Exchange 2000 to W2K3 DC with Exchange 2003

    The rule with Exchange is that the state of the server cannot be changed once Exchange is installed.

    Therefore if this machine is going to be a domain controller, then you need to do all of that work before installing Exchange.
    You also need to make the machine a global catalog.

    Once that is done and the server has been updated and rebooted, you can then install Exchange.

    Once Exchange is in, the machine must stay in the state it was in. If it was a member server it must stay a member server. If it was a DC then it must stay a DC.

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